SPSBS only issues passports for pure-bred Shetland ponies that are registered with the Society.

Legislation requires that a foal must have a passport by 31st December in the year of its birth or by the time it is 6 months old, whichever is the later.

The registration form for foals doubles as an application for a passport so there is no need to fill in two separate forms for registering a foal and applying for a passport so long as the correct fee has been paid.

All equines MUST HAVE A PASSPORT and ponies CANNOT BE SOLD without a passport. If you do not have a passport for each of your equines then you may risk a substantial fine or term of imprisonment.  

The SPSBS issues a combined Passport and Registration document for all registered Shetland ponies. This document contains the pony's registration details, identification, pedigree, microchip number, changes of ownership and medical records.

For this reason the SPSBS encourages owners to obtain their passport from the Society so that all the pony's details remain with it wherever it is domiciled.

Application forms for passports for ponies which are already registered are available from the office.

If you have a registered Shetland pony but have chosen to obtain a passport from another passport issuer, you should be aware that the passport will not contain verified information about breeding, pedigree etc.

For existing passports, owners should check that the two pages entitled "Medicinal Treatment" and "Medication Record" are included. These started being added in around 2001. If your passport does not include these pages then please return it to the office for update. There is a small fee payable for this - please contact Shetland House for further details.

Please note - All ponies being sold at auction now require the above pages to be present in the passport prior to being allowed through the sale ring.

If you have a passport that requires to be amended in any other way e.g. the drawing updated or colour changed, then there is a small fee payable for this - please contact Shetland House for further details.