15th May

We know a lot of your members have been reluctant to enter the International show in Denmark because of the outbreak of herpes virus type 1. A lot of talk is taking place on the social media. Most of it hugely exaggerated. There has been an agressive outbreak of the virus in three warmblood stables in Funen, and that's it. It has created a huge number of very nervous horse and pony owners. Below I have translated todays press release and we would very much appreciate if you could communicate this to your members. We have also extended the last date of entry to 22nd May.


Thank you so much

On behalf of The Danish Sheland Pony Society

Anette Thorshøj


Update on the herpes virus type1, May 14, 2018

Fortunately, there are still no signs of spreading of the "aggressive" herpes virus type 1, which has caused disease in some stables in Funen.

We are still following the situation on the basis of information from veterinarians, laboratories and horse owners and we will release another update later this week. If no new cases of herpes virus type 1, relative to the individual stables in Funen, are detected before Thursday, May 17, 2018, the recommendation to avoid close stabeling at shows will be withdrawn.