Leasing a Pony


Leasing/loaning a Pony

If you have a pony on lease/loan from another owner, please ensure that the details are supplied to the office in writing, SIGNED BY THE REGISTERED OWNER. A form detailing the terms of the lease/loan is provided by the SPSBS for this purpose. Alternatively, some owners prefer to have a specifically drawn up agreement or contract but a simple letter will suffice provided it is signed by the owner. Other details required include the name of the pony, length of the lease/loan and whether or not the pony may use the pony for breeding purposes.

The lease/loan will not be written in the passport as a change of ownership would, but it is advisable to carry a copy of the agreement or letter in the back pocket of the passport.  


If your pony is on lease/loan to someone else, please notify the office in writing giving details of the pony, the person to whom the pony is leased/loaned and the duration and purpose of the lease/loan e.g. breeding or showing. 

Please let the office know when your pony returns to your care or is leased/loaned to another person

To help prevent fraudulent transfers of ownership, owners of ponies on lease/loan are encouraged to notify the office to request that no transfers be processed without authorisation.