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Countess De La Warr, president Countess De La Warr, president


Members seem to be confused by Facebook statements regarding SPSBS regulations for ponies imported from Daughter Stud Books (Foreign Ponies).  The SPSBS (The Mother Stud Book) does not take colour into consideration when UK registration is requested for any imported pony.  Pedigree is the only factor that is considered when ponies are submitted for UK registration.  Should a pony be refused entry this also means that the offspring of that pony will not be eligible for registration in the UK Studbook.  Members are advised to check with the Office before buying a pony from another country to see if the pedigree is acceptable and that the pony is not over height.  At present this will take time as the office is extremely busy with the UK foal registrations.



SPS-BS Members who are concerned re the October Sale at Worcester should understand that while both the Society and the Sales Company are very much hoping to hold this sale it still depends on the Government rules in place in October. There will be no sale of tack but there will be a pre-sale show.  All Members will realise that October is still some time away and, depending on Covid 19, Government rules may change and the SPS-BS has absolutely no control over this.  As time goes on you will be kept up to date on the proposed sale. 


Members have probably heard or read that the AHT (Animal Health Trust) has been completely closed due to financial issues. All equine data for all equine societies has automatically been transferred to Weatherbys by the AHT, so that DNA testing for all equines will continue exactly as before. The SPS-BS charge of £60 will remain the same as will the procedure of sending hair samples to York Place by SPS-BS Members.


Due to Covid-19 the SPS-BS will not be accepting any show affiliations for the remainder of 2020.

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