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Countess De La Warr, President Countess De La Warr, President

President's Report - October 2020

Following recent emails from members, the President has written personally to the Prime Minister requesting that he re-thinks his policy on registration in our stud-book of ponies resident in the Republic of Ireland.

As President of the SPSBS I would like to assure all Members that the Office, Council and I are all exploring every possible avenue to try and come to a solution to the problems affecting Southern Irish Members regarding the EU Exit.  We are very aware of the worries and concerns of our Southern Irish Members and anything we can do to help, we will.  

However, at present this seems to be out of our control.  There are many Breed Societies, not just equine, that will be affected by the EU Exit and the government will make things clearer as we progress, but, you all know, the SPSBS has to obey government rules.  The SPSBS has added our signature to two separate petitions asking for the Southern Irish question to be looked at again.  My sympathies are with our Southern Irish members and their friends.

Anne De La Warr


Following the many and varied comments on Facebook I would like to clarify our position as a Breed Society relating to the EU Exit process.

We, and all other Breed Societies in the UK, have had formal letters from both the English and Scottish Governments informing us that a part of the EU Exit process will make changes to ponies registered outwith the country of their birth.

This is not a suggestion it is simply stating what will be the law from January 1st, 2021 and is the first formal letter we have received from our Government relating to the EU Exit.  Very likely more will follow and SPSBS Members will be kept in touch via this website.  It was expected by most people that the Exit would cause changes and the SPSBS will, as always, follow the law as will every other Society, I am sure.  I am sorry if those members who follow Facebook are upset but the Exit from the EU was always going to be a complicated process and no one knows the full extent of any changes as yet.


Anne De La Warr

(President SPSBS)

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