Centenary Trust Fund

The Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society celebrated its Centenary in 1990 and to mark the occasion there were a number of activities throughout the year including a Congress in Edinburgh, a Centenary Breed Show held at the Royal Highland Showground, Stud Visits, a civic reception at Stirling Castle (the Regimental Headquarters of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, whose mascot is a Shetland pony) and a Tour to the Shetland Isles all held in August 1990.

The committee who organised the Society’s Breed Show in 1985 at Kinross were asked to form the Centenary Show Committee, & over the intervening years this Committee planned the celebrations for the Centenary year.

The Centenary celebrations were very successful and many overseas breeders and visitors attended, including Shetland pony breeders from as far afield as Australia. The celebrations raised money and it was decided to set up a Trust Fund to provide a lasting legacy. The Trust Fund is administered by a group of Trustees, including the President and Vice-President of the Society. The objects of the Trust are “the general betterment of the Shetland Pony” and the income from the Fund is to be used as approved by the Trustees for these purposes.

Income from the Fund has supported various projects over the years, from conference funding to providing a display cabinet in Shetland House. Requests for assistance (generally in the range of £200 to £500) from the Trust Fund should be made in writing to the S.P.S-B. S Centenary Trust Fund, addressed to the Society’s office (Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society, Shetland House, 22 York Place, Perth PH2 8EH). Trustees meet annually and requests for funding are considered at this meeting.

Donations and bequests are gratefully received by the Trustees and should be sent to the Trust at the Society’s office (where applicable please fill in a gift aid form).

A Group of Judges at the 1990 Centenary Show

A Group of Judges at the 1990 Centenary Show