Change of Ownership

Private sale

Fee within the UK – £20.00

We are unable to do transfers out with the UK

The transfer form consists of two parts, one to be retained by the seller, whose responsibility is to pay the fee, and one to be passed to the buyer with the passport.  Both parts should be completed and signed by the seller.  The seller’s copy should be sent to the Office with the appropriate fee.  No change of ownership will be accepted without the correct signature and fee.  If you have a problem with this please ring the office and we will be happy to advise.

It is irrelevant in the initial procedures whether the sale is instigated by the buyer or the seller of the animal.

On arrival with the buyer the passport should be sent to the SPSBS office where the ownership changes will be made and recorded.  It is the legal responsibility of the new owner to record the change of ownership at the Society Office within 30 DAYS of purchase.

Online Transfer Instructions

Click on ‘Online Stud Book’.

Once logged on, go to “manage your herd”

Only live animals currently in the ownership of the member number used to log on will be displayed.
Select the appropriate transfer depending upon whether you are paying or not.

The animals to be transferred should be ticked. Scroll down as necessary to find all the animals you wish to transfer.

When complete move to the bottom of the screen to notify the society.

In order to notify the details of the new owner to the Society, there are 2 options.

* If the purchaser is a current member of the society, then the ‘search for new owner’ should be selected. A search screen will be displayed to enter either the member number or part of the surname. A list of members matching the entered criteria is displayed.

* If the purchaser is not a current member of the society or if you are unsure, then choose option 2 and enter buyer’s details.

Once the member clicks on ‘Submit applications to Breed Society’, these entries will be added into the download file, for the Society to download when they are ready Return to “manage your herd”. For transfers where the vendor is paying, your shopping basket will now be displayed with the amount due.

When all payable transfers have been completed, click on proceed to checkout to make payment through PayPal

Society Pony Sales

If you are selling a pony at a Society Sale, you must take the passport with you to the sale, otherwise the pony will not be allowed through the sale ring.  Please ensure that a signed change of ownership form is inside the passport.

If you purchase a pony at a Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society Sale, the transfer of ownership will be carried out automatically. This will be on the day of the sale. Please check to see if your passport has been updated with your details. If it has not then you must return the passport to Shetland House so that the details can be updated for you. Please note, that other sales that are not affiliated to the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society are treated in the same way as private sales. After you purchase a pony, you will be given the passport when you pay the Auctioneer. This should then be returned to the Society with a signed transfer and fee to be updated.

Please note that you may have difficulties if stopped when transporting your pony if the passport is not amended and your name is not shown as the current owner.

Leasing a Pony

If you have a pony on lease/loan from another owner, please ensure that the details are supplied to the office in writing, SIGNED BY THE REGISTERED OWNER. A form detailing the terms of the lease/loan is provided by the SPSBS for this purpose. Alternatively, some owners prefer to have a specifically drawn up agreement or contract but a simple letter will suffice provided it is signed by the owner. Other details required include the name of the pony, length of the lease/loan and whether or not the pony may use the pony for breeding purposes.

The lease/loan will not be written in the passport as a change of ownership would, but it is advisable to carry a copy of the agreement or letter in the back pocket of the passport.  

If your pony is on lease/loan to someone else, please notify the office in writing giving details of the pony, the person to whom the pony is leased/loaned and the duration and purpose of the lease/loan e.g. breeding or showing.

Please let the office know when your pony returns to your care or is leased/loaned to another person

To help prevent fraudulent transfers of ownership, owners of ponies on lease/loan are encouraged to notify the office to request that no transfers be processed without authorisation.  


Export/Import of Ponies


If you intend to export a pony, please contact your local Ministry office to ensure the correct paperwork is completed. The transporter will be able to advise on the documentation required to travel and enter the relevant country.

Every pony being exported must have a passport and be microchipped.   An International Pony Movement Certificate (IPMC) should be completed, This can be downloaded from the box on the right..  This is an Inter-Society document which must be completed by a vet prior to its return to the Society office.  Your pony’s passport should be returned to the Office with the relevant export fee. Please ensure that you leave adequate time for your passport to be returned prior to the pony travelling.

When the IPMC form is received in the office, the relevant paperwork will be sent to the destination Society which eases the registration of the pony in its new country as well as helping the SPSBS to keep track of the movement of ponies.

A record will be included in the list of exported ponies which will be printed in the next Volume of the Stud-Book.

If you are exporting a mare, any stinting details must also be supplied.

If a mare is travelling to another country only to be covered by a stallion, an IPMC is not required but you should obtain an International Stinting Form prior to leaving the country.  This would be completed by the mare and stallion owners and sent to the foreign Society who would check the details and return it to SPSBS. This also applies to any stallion travelling to another country to cover mares.

To Lease a Pony Abroad

Please complete the same paperwork that would be required for a pony sold abroad, but mark it clearly LEASE ONLY.  Again it is helpful if the duration of the lease is advised.   


If you import a pony, the exporting country may or may not use International Pony Movement Certificates. Please check with the vendor what paperwork they have completed in their home country and then contact Shetland House as soon as the pony arrives in the UK.  All ponies coming into the UK must be microchipped.  Before any pony can be accepted into the Mother Stud-Book, each pony’s pedigree MUST be checked by the office.