Online Stud Book

 Members have on-line access to the Grassroots programme detailing Shetland pony pedigrees, members and owners. A login number and password may be obtained from the Society office.

PedeWeb is an electronic Stud Book which gives you access to extended pedigrees, progeny lists and member details direct from the Breed Society to your own computer via the Internet.

What it does….

Provides the Breed Society member with the tool to access the Breed Society data, in an interactive electronic format.

  • Search for members by Name, address, prefix, region
  • View the animals Owned/Bred, Alive/Dead, Male/Female/Castrate
  • Search for animals by Name, registration number, owner, breeder, Alive/Dead, Male/Female
  • Display full details of a selected animal – including four generation pedigee and progeny list
  • Online registration of additional produce
  • Online notifications of deaths
  • Online transfers
  • Online service certificates
  • Online subscription renewal


The welfare of Shetland Ponies throughout the UK is a prime concern of the Society.  Owning a pony can give great pleasure but there is also a big responsibility involved with the care and wellbeing of the pony. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 requires that you ensure any horse, pony, donkey or mule for which you are responsible, whether on a permanent or a temporary base has:

  • A suitable environment to live in
  • A healthy diet
  • Is able to behave normally
  • Has appropriate company
  • Is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease