President's Report

7th May 2024

Dear Members,

We haven’t had much spring weather yet, I really hope that May will bring some more settled weather.

In my last communication I mentioned that the council were reassessing the proposed ‘members rosettes’ with the society tartan rosettes only being awarded to SPSBS members.  I can now confirm that our decision made in October 2023 has been rescinded.  We created a subcommittee of council to develop suggestions and proposals as to how to develop benefits for members.  We have some new ideas in the pipeline that should not only benefit our members but will also help to encourage members to support their local group shows.  More details will be released at a later stage, and we hope that the start of 2025 will see these ideas being brought to fruition.

I would just like to remind everyone again that the trainee judges’ scheme will be run in 2024, plans are being made and the location for this event will be Central Scotland on Sunday the 29th of September at Champfleurie Equestrian, West Lothian.  We look forward to welcoming some budding trainee judges and applications will be open soon.  Please make sure if you intend on applying for the judges’ trainee scheme that you have either completed stewarding appointments or intend to in 2024, stewarding assessment forms are available from the office.  The deadline for applications is Monday 1st July.

Also, just a reminder that 2024 saw the introduction of all first foaling mares being required to be DNA profiled.  I recommend that anyone registering foals from first foaling mares might like to move swiftly with sending in their DNA samples for their mares just to help with processing time.
A reminder to anyone wishing to enter foals within any of the society sales that the deadline of the 31st of July remains in place for foal registration applications to be received to the office.

It has been decided by council that any licensed imported stallion coming from a daughter stud book country will be provided with an S number, this is to allow these stallions to compete under SPSBS rules both in-hand and ridden.  If anyone has an imported stallion that requires an S number, then please return your passport to the office for the number to be added.

At our April council meeting it was my privilege to present Claire Lindsay with a crystal vase & flowers to celebrate the fact that she will have worked for the Shetland Pony stud book for 25 years this coming June.  We must all thank Claire for her dedication to the society, having been involved with the society now for a few years, I can appreciate the workload for the office staff.

My last point is one more of concern.  We have been receiving an increasing number of anonymous correspondence.  The policy has always been that anonymous correspondence will not be considered or acted upon at council, this policy remains in place.  However, when council hears of judges being contacted with harassing anonymous letters then a very dim view is taken and further action may be necessary.

Kind regards

Julian Walters
Shetland Pony Stud Book Society

President – Mr Julian Walters, with Miss Claire Lindsay