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Price increases

As of the 1st of January 2024 the following price increases will come into force:

Individual Annual £40.00
Joint Annual £70.00
Junior £17.50
Family £90.00
Life £1,000.00
Annual Crofter £30.00
Life Crofter £450.00
Associate £30.00
Late penalty fee £10.00

Passport amendments £15.00
Duplicate passport £40.00
Keeper registration £20.00
Import £250.00

Priority service £30.00
Extra rosettes £3.00 each

DNA from First Foaling Mares

The Society would like to remind breeders that as of 1st January 2024, all first foaling/maiden mares must have their DNA profile completed prior to foal registration.  Please bear this in mind when submitting foal registrations as this may mean they take longer to complete.  We would encourage breeders to get mares DNA profiled in advance of foal registration.

British Horse Foundation BB press release


Legislation requires all equines born before July 2009 to be microchipped.

This will come into force on the following dates

England – 1st October 2020
Wales – 12th February 2021
Scotland – 28th March 2021

Your vet should add the barcode sticker to the passport above the silhouette and sign and stamp it.  The vet must then notify the society by post or email, giving the pony’s name and registration number and the number of the chip inserted.

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