President's Report

Council is delighted to announce that Mr Lionel Gregory has been elected as the next vice president,

He will take his position from 1st January 2018.  The vote for Mr Gregory was unanimous.

Three trainee judges have completed their training period successfully and will now progress to the intermediate panel as of 2017.

The Society held an assessment day for potential trainee judges on the 24th September 2016 at Fountain Equestrian Centre, Aberdeen, with 3 of the candidates being successful.  They will now progress to the trainee panel.

Council considers health and safety very important and for this reason they have decided to introduce a new rule; as of the 1st January 2017, stallion bridle badges will be required for all entire males 2 years and over in both in-hand and ridden classes.

There has been an important change to the Voluntary Vetting Examination requirements.  Council has decided that any colt foals born from 2017 onwards, which come forward for Voluntary Vetting Examination must have both parents DNA tested and parentage verified before they can be licensed as a stallion. If a parent is not available to be DNA tested, the colt cannot be licensed as a stallion.

Social media continues to take a large proportion of Council and Office time.  Please be careful with what you post and show respect for others’ opinions.  The Society’s social media policy can be found on the website homepage.