President's Report

At long last after a very cold start to Spring, the weather today feels a lot warmer.

We have just held our April Council meeting in Perth.

My day began after an early flight to Edinburgh with a very pleasant Centenary Fund meeting and lunch, at the kind invitation of Mr Dougal Dick and the Centenary Fund Committee.

The meeting was very informative for me and the committee must be congratulated on their good work. This year again they will be donating rosettes for our junior competitors at the SPSBS Breed show in Shetland.

We held our Council meeting on Thursday 11th April from 5pm to 7pm and on Friday 12th all day from 9am.

We discussed all correspondence in full as is the custom and replies are being sent.

One of the topics on our agenda was Society Sales and I am delighted to announce that after an excellent proposal from Brightwells Auctioneers, Council was unanimous in granting the Auspices of SPSBS to their Shetland Pony Sale on 30th September in Hereford.

Details will be found in the spring magazine and will be continually updated on the Society website.

We had arranged two visits from the accountants, firstly from Mr David Watson to advise Council on the possibility of Investments and secondly from Louise to give us an in depth outlook of our accounts and future actions.

The website was discussed regarding improving and updating requirements as it is getting a bit outdated.

We are all looking forward to the Breed Show 2019 in Shetland.

The PBSA has arranged a very exciting few days which promises to be very interesting. The Judges Seminars commence at the Grampian Hotel in Perth on October 26th, full details will be on the website and from the office .

We are delighted that Senior Panel judge Mrs Rachel Bown has agreed to come along to all three seminars and speak on the Breed description .

There will be a light lunch with tea or coffee provided by the Society and we hope to see a lot of our judges attending.

There are two more seminars planned for 2020 in different areas of the country .

Shetland Pony Trading was discussed and we are very pleased to have Mr Stevie McKay join our team of Mrs Joan Lambert, Victoria and myself .

Mrs Joan Lambert has experience and knowledge of Shetland Pony Trading and what items to order that will prove popular with our members.

Stevie, Victoria and myself will help Joan as much as we can .

I know some members are in the middle of foaling, I wish you all good luck in this or any other plans you may have with  our wonderful Shetland Ponies .


Jill Jones