President's Report

Dear SPSBS Members
Council met via Zoom on Friday 16th April with all members present.  We are still unsure whether we will be able to meet in Perth for the July Meeting as we are really dependant on the Scottish and English Government rules at that time, it may still be Zoom, but who knows.  We are hopeful for the October Meeting being in Perth.
We started the meeting with a minutes silence for HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  I am sure you all, like me nearly cried at the sight of his Fell ponies standing alongside the funeral cortege, while the heart breaking sight of our Queen standing alone in her black with her mask so correctly worn must remind all of us of the very difficult times we, as a nation, have endured in the past year.  So many of us suffered sickness and death in our families and friends and I sincerely hope for a better season this year.
Council had decided that a discussion on Facebook was needed, more and more of our members are now using Facebook and it is a very easy medium for sharing photographs and snippets of news amongst each other but I see so many questions asking for clarification on procedures that Roselyn, my Vice President,  and I felt that an official SPSBS page giving information on forthcoming events like the Breed Show, County Shows etc and with a link to our website would enable everyone to keep up to date with events and any information Council wish to communicate with Members.  This was unanimously agreed in Council and we are now working on it and hope to have it up and running soon.  It will not be for personal photographs, more just a useful information page for everyone.
Council also discussed at length the subject of colts without VVE inspection being used to sire foals, and decided that as from 1st January 2022 all foals registered with the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society must have DNA Profile from the sire.  As a Charity we are obliged to keep the registered ponies in our Stud Book as a pure breed and we would not be fulfilling our duty if we continue to allow colts to sire registered stock before they have a DNA profile.  Following that I would strongly recommend that members put their colts through the VVE system.  Papers and information can be obtained from the Office and can be read about on our website.  Colts without having had a VVE inspection should not be used as sires for registered stock, from next year the DNA Profile will be compulsory but we do expect members to have their colts vetted (VVE) before using them in order to identify any potential unseen hereditary conditions or else have them gelded and then they can have all manners of careers, riding, driving, pets and family friends.
We are delighted to be able to say that we are producing a Spring Magazine, Pauline Young at Shetland house would be very pleased to have articles, advertisements or photographs sent to her by 28th April and should anyone wish to sponsor a page we are charging £40 per page so if you are interested please contact Pauline.
Julian Walters and David Hodge are getting ready for the Breed Show (Sunday 29th August).  Again information will be forthcoming once we have clear guidance from the Government regarding Covid19 related rules, we hope for a big turn out from both competitors and visitors as we have not had a chance to catch up with any friends for so long.  It was a huge disappointment not to be able to hold a Breed Show last year.
I am enjoying seeing so many nice foals on Facebook, I have had two colts so far and am looking enviously at all the pretty fillies I see daily, although I am happy to say that both my colts arrived very conveniently during daylight hours and with no fuss at all so I can’t complain!
I wish you all an easy foaling season, sunshine and happy times with your ponies and good health for all of you.
With my very best wishes to you all

Anne De La Warr