The welfare of Shetland Ponies throughout the UK is a prime concern of the Society.  Owning a pony can give great pleasure but there is also a big responsibility involved with the care and wellbeing of the pony. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 requires that you ensure any horse, pony, donkey or mule for which you are responsible, whether on a permanent or a temporary base has:

A suitable environment to live in

A healthy diet

Is able to behave normally

Has appropriate company

Is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease

The DEFRA Code of Practice for the Welfare of Horses, Ponies, Donkeys and their Hybrids may be downloaded from this page

The Shetland Pony Care and Management Booklet is available from the Society Office, priced £3.25.  It contains guidelines on how to look after your Shetland Pony, covers basic aspects of care of the pony, stud management, ailments, breaking to ride/drive and showing hints. 

LOANING PONIES - a few simple guidelines

Ideally loan to people well known to you or, if not, then personally visit the premises where your pony will be kept

Identify purpose of loan (ie breeding, riding) and any restrictions on it's use

Visiting rights

Details of insurance or any payments of upkeep

Insurance details

Take a photograph of your pony before it leaves home as proof of health and condition

If you lease a pony from another owner, please ensure that the details are supplied to the Office in writing, SIGNED BY THE REGISTERED OWNER.  A form detailing the terms of the loan is provided by the SPSBS for this purpose obtainable from the Society office or can be downloaded using the link above. Alternatively, some owners prefer to have a specifically drawn up lease agreement /contract or a simple letter will suffice provided it is signed by the owner.