President's Report

Dear SPSBS Members,

Council met via Zoom on Friday, 5th February 2021, our first meeting this year.  We welcomed our five new members, Harry Sleigh and Louise Wilson for Scotland and David Gibson, Kate Hampton and Julian Walters for England.  Louise, David and Julian had all been on Council previously and we were delighted to see them back and Harry and Kate are first time members and we all look forward to working with them.

We are all starting to properly get to grips with Zoom, everyone agreed that nothing really beats a face to face meeting but Zoom is extremely useful during these times of extreme travel restriction.  We are hoping that by July we might be able to get to Perth, all signs point to April being another Zoom Meeting.  Both Louise Wilson and Kate Hampton had on going internet connection issues but both ladies managed to overcome this very efficiently and were with us for almost 100% of time, neither were helped by the snow.  I am constantly impressed with Council’s hard work and for their continued support both now and during my last time as President.

We had very little correspondence, Dr Klaus Meisner, President of the German Federation asked to be sent papers relating to conditions of entry for the Mother Stud Book, these are exactly the same as before, and the same conditions still apply to all Daughter Stud Books.

Johnson Carmichael (the SPSBS Accountants) represented by Louise Gillies joined the meeting at 11.00 to give a report on our financial situation, this usually happens in person at meetings in Perth but Louise sent a paper out prior to the Meeting giving an overview of our income and expenditure.  We are in a comfortable situation financially at present but must always keep a close eye on our financial situation and Johnson Carmichael will be attending the April Meeting (this is included in our annual payment to them).  Older members will remember that when Joan Lambert took on her Presidency the Society was not in a strong financial position and Council like to keep a firm hand on spending.

We hope to be able to manage a Judges Seminar later in the year, we managed one last year, but obviously this will depend on Government travel restrictions.  Trainee Judges will hopefully have an opportunity to probation at shows later in the year but again this depends, like everything, on Government Restrictions.  Many of the larger Shows have already been cancelled but we are hoping that by mid/late summer we might be allowed to have small shows, held under whatever Covid related rules that are then in place.  We will be delighted to affiliate Shows so as to enable Trainee Judges to Probation but obviously I cannot make any promises about shows happening at this early date.

Julian Walters, who, with David Hodge (Sharptor and Halstock Studs) is organising the Breed Show this year hopes very much to be able to hold the Breed Show on Sunday 29th August, but again that must depend on Government rules at the time.

I am determined to get a Magazine out to you all by the end of Spring and Claire now has the most recent stud books in Perth so they are available for purchase.  You will all appreciate the delay was due to the Printers being closed and then being short staffed due to isolation etc so I must apologise for the lateness.

We are currently very snowy here, chilly ponies picking at tufts of grass and consuming large amounts of hay and a little hard feed is the order of the day at present, I have two grandchildren here for lockdown so in between home schooling they are enjoying spending time with the ponies which is very good for both four legged and two legged people!

I think of you all a lot, some of you will be finding this enforced isolation both lonely and rather depressing and the young mothers will be finding home schooling very hard, my daughter in law seems to spend all day printing out more and more instructions from the school, for once I am glad I am no longer a young mother and my thoughts and sympathies go out to all of you, all finding the start to 2021 very hard.

With my very best wishes,


Anne De La Warr