President's Report

PRESIDENTS REPORT – 15th October Meeting

Council was finally able to meet in Perth after almost two years of Zoom Meetings.  I cannot tell you how incredibly nice it was to be able to be face to face and have a proper meeting in the old fashioned way and to all catch up with each other’s news.  Zoom is very useful when Government Restrictions prevent travel but even the 3 hour wait on Friday evening at Edinburgh Airport still made it a joy to actually see everyone and to be able to sit round a table and discuss the various Agenda Items as a group rather than via cyberspace.

The Meeting started with a minute's silence for Mr Harry Sleigh, our Council member and friend who so sadly died of Covid the week before the meeting. He will be greatly missed by Council and so many of our members.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his widow, Wendy, and with all his family.

The Minutes of the last meeting, having been read, were agreed, all letters received were read, discussed in great detail and a suitable reply was agreed in all cases by unanimous vote.

Thanks were given to Mr Julian Walters for the recent Breed Show which so many of us had attended and had enjoyed. Interestingly, the 2021 AGM was the first ever in the history of the Society to be held outside, the weather being simply lovely.   The 2022 Breed Show, in Wales, was going on well under the capable hands of Mr Nick True. I hope he has the superb weather 2021 enjoyed but that is in the lap of the gods and beyond our control.

Mr Keith McPherson of Johnston Carmichael, our accountants, came to see us and was able to report that we are in a comfortable position financially but, as always, reminded us that we need to be careful with our money.  I have raised some money in donations but nonetheless we still should be careful.

For me it was rather a sad meeting as it was my last as President and I have to say that this second Presidency has been rather strange with the shadow of the Pandemic stretching over so many aspects of our lives within the Society and within our general lives. I have not been able to travel anywhere to see Shows, meet people, all communication has been done remotely and I have missed the trips to Perth more than I had ever thought I would.  During both my terms as President I have enjoyed meeting people and making new friends but this second term has rather restricted that. Although my telephone bill has probably doubled it was well worth it to keep in touch with members.  We have a great Society and through it must continue to work for the betterment of the Shetland Pony and for making friends with the same interests, we are lucky to have so many members all willing to help in any way they can.  I am sure my successor, Mrs. Roselyn Fraser, will do a splendid job and that you will all support her as you have supported me so brilliantly.

We said goodbye to our outgoing Council members, Mrs Carole Laignel, Mr Jim Slater, Mr Peter Tindale, Mr Nick True and Mr Guy Hurst, who was unable to be with us in Perth and, finally, our Past President Mrs Jill Jones who, when President, guided a steady ship and to whom we owe so many thanks for her long years on Council and for her sound common sense and attention to detail in all matters.

I wish you all well in all aspects of your lives and believe me when I say I will miss you all and hope to keep in touch with as many of you as possible.


Anne De La Warr


(Countess De La Warr, SPS-BS President)